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Bath and Body Oil by Organic Ministry

Quick Look:

Made in Australia • Not Tested on Animals

Bath and Body Oils by Organic Ministry can be enjoyed by both adults and children and you can rest assured that only the highest quality premium ingredients are coming into contact with your skin.

Not only will your skin be left re-hydrated and nourished, your senses will be delighted with natural fragrances and essential oils.


Bath and Body Oils by Organic Ministry have deeply hydrating anti-aging benefits, are rich in squalene, Vitamin E, herbs and flowers. This product has a naturally occurring high percentage of fatty acids which makes for the perfect moisturiser.


Add a teaspoon to your bath and soak or add a few drops to your palm and apply over damp skin upon exiting the shower. Wipe off excess.

(Caution: It will be slippery!)


Komenuka Oil, Natural Fragrance, Essential Oils.

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